Imagination Robotics

Yesterday year 6 went to the Institute of Imagination for a Robotics Workshop!

At the workshop we had the opportunity to bring toys to life with Scratch and BBC microbit, to code using MakeCode and to create our very own Jitterbots – a homemade robot.

If you would like to go to the workshop again to develop your skills further there is another free workshop this Sunday 23rd June – book here.

Check out our photo gallery below.

What was the most interesting part of the day?

What challenged you?






The Big Science Question – Summer Term

Consider the possibilities of this term’s Big Science Question – what would the scientific implications be? Use what you know about the human body to explore what might happen and what effect this might have on humans and how we live our lives.

Use your knowledge and understanding of the digestive system and attempt to use relevant and accurate scientific vocabulary in your response.  You may comment on here to start a discussion or present your ideas in another way.

Geographical Enquiry

Can you identify this location? What geographical clues can you use to help you?


Physical Geography – climate? Landscape? Location?

Human Geography – housing? Transport? Occupations? Businesses?

Post your ideas below – you must use geographical reasoning to support your viewpoint.


Staying Safe Online

Related image

Meet Alfie. Alfie regularly plays his favourite online game and has been talking for the past few weeks to another gamer he met online. The other gamer has invited Alfie round to his house, so they can play the game together and build their friendship in person. Alfie is not sure what to do. What advice would you give Alfie? What might be the risks or benefits of meeting up? If you were in his situation, what would you do? Leave your thoughts in a comment on this post.

Digestive Discoveries

In science lessons this term, we have been learning about the human body. Last week, we developed our understanding of the stages of the digestive system by recreating the process of digesting food. We tracked a piece of cake as it travelled from the mouth to the stomach, through to the small and larges intestines and then to the final stage of excrement. Take a look at the photo slideshow and leave a comment sharing your experiences of this lesson. Can you describe the stage of the digestive system that we used a pair of stockings for? What did the orange juice represent? What was the most memorable part?

Finding the Mean

Find the Mean Task Cards, Probability Activities, Find the Average Game SCOOT

Find the Mean Task Cards, Probability Activities, Find the Average Game SCOOT

Last week in maths, we were revising and developing our knowledge of how to calculate the mean average. Can you find the mean average of these sets of numbers? Leave your answers by commenting on this post. Completing this challenge will earn you a certificate! Get cracking…

Mayan Daily Life

Watch the video about Mayan daily life and leave a comment sharing key facts you have learned about this civilisation. You can also share what you have learned in class and ask questions you would like to find out. How does Mayan daily life compare to your own? Is Mayan life similar to any other civilisation you know about? If you have trouble accessing the video you may need to log in to espresso using the username:student21602 and typing the password: cmpsespresso